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It is time to get your message out there loud and clear, and a terrific method to achieve this is PVC banners. Our PVC banner printing service can cover anything you are wanting to say to your clients and get you observed. Numerous clients utilize the service for advertising their brand, services, special promos, occasions and other promos they might wish to consist of. PVC banners are wonderful at attracting attention from a cross country away and thanks to the durable PVC vinyl that we use to make them, they should last you a long time –– if you take care of them that is. PVC banners will always be a short-lived signage service and must only be seen as such.

What exactly is a PVC banner and what is it for?

A PVC banner is normal a big sign printed on strong 440gsm PVC material that is finished with a hem and eyelets. The eyelets exist so the banner can be hung with ease utilizing cable television ties, screws and washers or perhaps simply string. PVC banners are really simple to show and are really extremely effective when hung correctly.

How simple is it to hang a PVC banner?

Hanging a PVC banner is easy. As pointed out above the most popular method of hanging a banner is using the hem and eyelets that relax the edge. We put eyelets every 50cm apart for easy hanging, however we can likewise include pole pockets for use with poles, or no eyelets at all if you wish to spray glue the PVC banner onto a surface directly.

Where is the very best location to hang my PVC banner?

PVC banners are usually hung outdoors. Typical places you will find them will be trade shows, service events, retail outlets and business facilities. They are perfect for restaurants, nightclubs and you can even utilize them for marketing in car parks. You will typically see them outside grocery stores and other locations of mass gatherings. The concept is to have your PVC banner viewed as much as possible by as many individuals as possible! You need to always contact your regional council though prior to erecting a banner as they may have particular standards for doing so.

What are the advantages of PVC banner printing?

PVC banners and the use of PVC banner printing is helpful when it concerns your marketing requirements. Our customers use PVC banner wide array of needs, such as:

  • Promoting an event: If you have an occasion coming up PVC banners will assist you to promote your event presence.
  • Brand Promotion: New companies require all the assistance they can get! Try our PVC banner printing to release your growing service brand and guarantee you are recognised.
  • Promotion Events and Trade Shows: When you are going to a tradeshow, conference or any other kind of event, really make people familiar with it with a large format PVC digitally printed banner.
  • Promote a Product: Whatever the item might be, utilize PVC Banner printing to promote your items and increase your sales.
  • Birthday Messages and Celebrations: PVC banner printing is ideal for promoting birthday dreams, anniversaries therefore a lot more. Contact our group on 0800 024 8892 to discuss your style requirements.

Usings PVC banners are limitless. Provided their flexibility, size and boundless colour options and style possibilities –– this makes PVC banner printing a top option for anyone wanting to shout a message quickly and cost-effectively.

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